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Watch the film 0:36

This is åäö

Have you ever been on a flight with tight jeans cutting into the back of your knees? Or arrived at a meeting on bike, in the rain, looking like a drowned rat? That’s exactly where and why åäö started. With the need and longing for a pair of pants that were great-looking, comfortable and durable. Pants that would accompany me to meetings as well as to parties, looking as swell with a T-shirt as with a button-down.
Pants that don’t dig water and dirt.
Those are the pants I’ve been looking for, the pants I wanted to buy. I just hadn’t been able to find them.

So I got together with some uncompromising people. And together we made those pants. Together we tested those pants. At parties. At meetings. At weddings and funerals. Through all kinds of weather. On bike rides through Stockholm and on a motorbike across Europe and the US. We’ve run through the streets and we’ve messed about with a football in the park. We’ve been on trains to Borås and on flights to London, Berlin and New York. Always in the pants.

And all I can say is – we did it. The pants we designed in Stockholm, the pants we made from a Swiss hi-tech material and sewed in Borås, Sweden – they are precisely the pants I had longed for. The pants that refuse to compromise.

We hope you will love them as much as we do.


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The Pants by åäö

Get to know the åäö pants and why they are like no others you’ve ever seen, touched, worn or lived in.

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Making The Pants in Borås

Borås [bʊˈroːs]) is a town in the south of Sweden, not far from Gothenburg. 70,000 people wake up in Borås every morning, because they live there. Borås is above all famous for its garment industry – the city arms even depict two sheep-shearing scissors as a tribute to the town’s long textile history. There’s a pretty good football team, IF Elfsborg, and a local zoo, Borås Djurpark, where they have successfully raised lions who have then moved to other zoos. Pretty awesome for a small town like Borås! But most awesome of all, in our opinion, are all the professional tailors who put all their expertise and love into every pair of åäö Pants they make. Thank you so much, Borås!

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The man behind The Pants

I guess I am a bit of a restless guy – when I can’t find what I want, I try to create it myself, together with the best people I know. People who are as uncompromising as I am, when it comes to finding the ultimate solution. I am always amazed what people can achieve together, when they let passion and devotion be their guiding light.

Watch our films to find out more about our journey towards the perfect pants!

How did it all begin?
What is most important?
Why do we produce in Sweden?
What about the environment?
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Visit the shop or try them in central Stockholm.