The Future of Pants

Bad weather ever stopped you taking the bike? Ever travelled in uncomfortable pants, only to arrive looking like you slept in them (which you did)? Ever sworn when your favorite jeans broke (again)? Then you know where åäö started. With the need and longing for a pair of pants that are great-looking, comfortable and durable. The only problem was: there were no such pants.

So we got together with some uncompromising people and together we made those pants. We tested them. At parties. At meetings. At weddings and funerals. Through all kinds of weather. On bike rides through Stockholm, on a motorbike across Europe and the US…

Three years, 274 prototypes and a long, winding road towards perfection. The Pants are finally here! Designed in Stockholm, made from a Swiss hi-tech fabric and sewn in Borås, Sweden – the pants are exactly what we’ve been longing for. The pants that refuse to compromise.

We hope you will love them as much as we do.

Rasmus & Johan

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The Pants by åäö

Get to know The Pants and why they are like nothing you've ever seen, touched or lived in.

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The Man Behind The Pants

I guess I am a bit of a restless guy – when I can’t find what I want, I try to create it myself, together with the best people I know. People who are as uncompromising as I am, when it comes to finding the ultimate solution. I am always amazed what people can achieve together, when they let passion and devotion be their guiding light.


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//Rasmus & Johan