The Shorts in Hazy Day Blue

  • A piece of summer freedom from The Kingdom of Sweden.

    Summer is all about freedom. Freedom to leave work early for a barbecue with friends. Freedom to watch the sunset and take a nightly swim. Freedom to do whatever you feel like.

    We've created The Shorts for this purpose.

  • The color Hazy Day Blue

    Picture the sky on a misty summer morning, that off-blue, sort of ashy color that fills the horizon. It's hard to pinpoint if it's a pale baby blue or a light sky grey, but we're convinced that Hazy Day Blue Shorts look epic.


Size guide for the Shorts: The Shorts size guide

The Shorts - Years in the Making

Two years ago, we had 50 brave test pilots wear the first edition of The Shorts to gather feedback and set the stage. Since that first iteration we have improved on almost every aspect. Designed to be worn everywhere from parks to boardrooms, below are some notable mentions:

Design and fit: New, slimmer profile for an improved fit and increased dress factor.⁣

Sizing: increased size span and adjusted to be true to size.

Fabric: Swedish woven performance fabric with a soft canvas feel. Strong, durable and lightweight, it will dry in minutes and is perfect for a spontaneous swim.⁣

Pockets: we've improved our hidden mobile pockets, hidden zippers, flowthrough mesh bottoms and more.

Slot button: this is a gamechanger, you will never lose a button again.⁣

Military grade paracord: so you won't need a belt this summer.⁣