February 06, 2019 2 min read

The fabric for our pants is produced by one of the most advanced textile mills in the world, Schoeller Textil AG. With their plant located in the Swiss mountains they are leading the way for what fabrics can be. Let’s just say they will not sell anything that's not checked, double-checked and triple-checked to the highest quality and performance standards.

This fabric has some really unique properties

Double-woven - This means the fabric has two different surfaces. An inside which gives softness and breathability, it is silky soft and thanks to a 3D structure it never lies tight on the skin which in turn keeps you cool. The outside provides toughness and has a surface which repels almost anything from water to olive oil, even red wine will come off. Our double-woven fabric helps combine what otherwise takes two or more fabrics and it does so while staying beautifully sobre, like your favorite dress pant with super powers.

The Pants by åäö in color Tech Black, detail view of the fabric

Free - Not in the monetary translation of the word, it’s actually 10-15 times more expensive than most quality denim fabrics. However it is free in the best sense of the word since it gives you a sense of no restrictions. It has to be worn to be truly understood and it helps create a little more freedom in your day, both in feeling and in practice.

Breathable - Every square centimeter of the fabric is ready to pull moisture and heat away. The inside is hydrophilic and the outside is hydrophobic. All this latin basically means that moisture will be transported away instantly which keeps you (and the fabric) dry.

Responsible - In addition to all of the benefits above, the fabric is Bluesign certified. This means it's produced with minimal impact on people and the environment. Schoeller was the first system partner for this strict certification so you can be sure the fabric is produced responsibly.

All in all this makes for one of the most advanced fabrics in the world to make pants out of. Want to see more about how The Pants were created?

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The Pants by åäö have a water repelling fabric, here seen in color Tech Black