March 07, 2019 2 min read

The Shorts - 2 years in the making

Over 2 years in the making, the time has finally come to release The Shorts! The production happens in April and we're now giving you the chance to pre-order them. Want to be among the first to receive your pair? Read on below

Last summer we released a beta version of these which was tested thoroughly by 50 people. Based on their feedback we have done an extensive redesign* and come up with an even better version that we are now ready to release.

Rules of the pre-order

1. The pre-order period is open until Sunday the 21st of April or until we're full!

2. Production happens in mid April with delivery to you in end of April/beginning of May.

3. If the size isn't right when they arrive, we'll make sure you can exchange (if available) or return them for a refund. No risks attached in other words, this just helps us order the right sizes and you'll get the first available pairs ready for spring.

To read everything about The Shorts, follow the link below. 

Order The Shorts Now


*Updates from the last version include:

Design and fit - New, slimmer profile for an improved fit and increased dress factor.

Sizing - adjusted to be true to size and now we have a full 28-34 size span.

Pockets - We've improved the angle and shape of the front mobile pockets, redesigned back zipper pockets and improved the flowthrough functionality of all pockets.

Slot button - This is a gamechanger, never again will you lose a button! This is thanks to that the button is now secured with a band which is held in place with bar tack seams instead of stitched buttons.

Military grade paracord - Length, knot and placement has been improved so you won't need a belt this summer.⁣ And in case of emergency this is the same quality that paratroopers jump out of airplanes with so it will for sure hold your shorts in place.