Perfectly Tailored

Having a pair of pants fit perfectly is notoriously hard, but when they do it's incredibly rewarding. We're working with the following three pillars to do so: 

1. We continue to develop the (near) perfect fit.

2. We offer free exchanges worldwide.

3. We will reimburse for any tailoring you might need.

If the first two steps are not enough, the third is where the magic happens. Since some final adjustments can make a huge difference, we encourage you to find a trusted tailor and pay them a visit if you feel the need.

To make it a bit easier for you we will happily cover tailoring to the perfect fit, just send the receipt and we will reimburse you with store credit for the same amount.

Some common scenarios where a tailor can help:

"My pants are too long" - This is common since our pants are cut long, fortunately it is also one of the easiest to fix at a local tailor. First, fold your pants inwards to find a length that you like. Second, try wearing that length with different types of shoes to make sure you like it. Now you will have a good idea of how long you would like them to be and can go to a local tailor to have he/she shorten your pants to this perfect length.

"My pants fit great over the legs but are too large in the waist" - First off, congratulations to you for having an athletic build! In the pants department, this is often solved by sizing up one (or two) sizes to give room for the legs but then you're dependent on a belt to keep them up. Instead we recommend adjusting the waist to your liking at your tailor. He/she can help you experiment with different waist sizes using needles before deciding on the perfect waist. Now you can still wear a belt because it looks nice but you're free to go without, instant win!

Always start by giving your pants a wash and a short tumble dry to make sure they are fresh for the tailor and that they won't change after making any adjustments. 

See our size guide for more help on sizing or check out our FAQ for more.

Need help?

Send us your questions below or through our chat, we love to talk! Have any receipts for tailoring? Send them to and we'll send you store credit for the same amount.