October 20, 2018 3 min read

Since all relationships need a bit of care now and then (and we want your relationship to continue for a long time) we've written a guide on how to make your pants love you. Prepare a nice cup of coffee and we'll take you through it in true Dr Phil style!

1. How should I wash them?
Wash at 30-40° and use normal detergent.Do not use fabric softener as it harms the fabric and the environment. After washing, activate the fabric by ironing (or tumble-drying) on medium for 15 minutes. The heat activation is really important as it helps restore the fabric so the pants stay clean for longer.

2. How often should I wash them?
Short answer here is, when they no longer feel clean (simple right!). The fabric is incredible at repelling stains so make use of this and save your time by washing them only when needed. Even the worst spills (red wine and olive oil) will often come off even though they might leave a stain initially.

With that said, we have some customers that still haven't washed them after 12 months and while that is impressive(!) it isgood to wash them every 2 months if you use them a lot. Small dirt particles get stuck between the fibres and reduce the fabric's performance over time (so they will get dirtier faster when it's been a long time since the last wash).

3. How often should I wear them?
Many of us love our pants so much we won’t wear anything else. Even if they do withstand a lot,you can actually love your pants to death. Let them rest a day or two, now and then (run naked!) It will pro-long their life span and your relationship considerably!

4. How do I turn up my pants?
If you need to shorten your pants, we're now happy to cover the costs for alteration up to 20€. To find the perfect length we recommend turning the fabric of your pants inwards to find the perfect length (they will stay at that length all day long). After wearing them for a few days (preferably with different shoes if you have high/low versions) you'll know what feels best.

When you know the length, go to your nearest tailor and turn them up. Please make sure he or she knows that the seam needs to be as elastic as the fabric. Afterwards, just e-mail us a photo of the receipt together with your order confirmation.

5. My pants are sad (and so am I), what can I do?
If something bothers you about your pants, let us know by athello@aaosweden.com and we'll do our best to make you feel good again. Sometimes mistakes happen in Borås and if so we want to help you out. OurLong-lasting warranty means we'll repair or replace your pants if they should fail on you due to defects in the fabric or manufacturing. 

Connecting back to question 3 we know wearing The Pants can be addictive and many of us want to wear them all the time. We've realized it's really hard to make indestructible pants that feel this good to wear (even if we're working on it...).

If you think you might have loved your pants a little too much (it can happen to the best of us) we'll try to repair damage due to normal wear and tear at a reasonable charge. Just e-mail us and we'll find a way forward!

We hope you've enjoyed this guide and that you can use it to get even more out of your pants!

Do you still have questions about The Pants? Check them out here or send an e-mail to hello@aaosweden.com and we'll help you out.

//Rasmus, Johan & Hampus

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