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June 15, 2018 4 min read

It took us three years and 274 prototypes to get The Pants right. Now we've been hard at work trying to create the short version and let’s just say it’s not as simple as removing the legs….

We were planning to release these next summer but after a lot of interest we made a limited series. This is the story of that pre release.

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The Shorts pre release update #1

Thank you for being part of the pre release for The Shorts! We're super grateful that you're going with us on this adventure and want to keep you posted on the latest developments. Here comes the first preorder update!

Details details details
Having gone through several prototypes we're now getting very close to our final design. We've worked extensively with getting the right balance between a proper silhouette and a relaxed fit. At first we had too much of the good stuff (space) so now we've made the silhouette more narrow without feeling too tight (Tom in the picture above has serious leg mass and can still dress them comfortably).

We've also worked a lot with pockets as we know they are important in the summer. The Shorts will feature no less than 6 (!) pockets and to get the best size, placement and feel we've tried many different versions. For The Shorts we will use side pockets (same as in dress pants and most chinos). To get them to feel secure we've implemented a new version of our hidden mobile pockets that will keep your phone, wallet and other belongings safely in place. For the back pockets we have the same beautiful double piping as in The Pants and we've also added hidden zippers. This way you can actually go swimming with your keys in your pocket and be completely safe!

Speaking of swimming, one of our dreams with The Shorts is to create the ultimate all-round vehicle for summer. This means they need to dress up nicely with a crisp shirt and be equally ready (and willing) to jump in the water for a swim. To achieve this we've worked a lot with hidden details like flow-through pockets (so that water can get through) and a hidden drawcord, more on that in later updates...
Next update & delivery
The next update will feature more about the Swedish fabric and why we think it's so exciting!
We're also working around the clock to keep our promise of delivering these to you in mid July. Right now it looks like we can deliver on this promise and we'll keep you posted if this should change.

All the best,
Rasmus & Johan

The Shorts pre release update #2
Hello again, it's time for out second installment of The Shorts update! This time we'll go further in depth with the fabric and why we're so excited about it. Read on for more, towards the end we have a production update as well!

Swedish innovation
The Swiss fabric we use for the pants has many things going for it, stretch, breathability and dirt resistance. The 4-way stretch (one of the fabric's main claims to fame) does come with one drawback which is sensitivity to sharp objects. Rose bushes and rough cliffs can make life troublesome for this fabric which is why we started looking for something tougher, more abrasion resistant.

We had heard about a Swedish mill located in Borås, renowned for creating innovative fabrics for a wide range of industries so we got in touch with them last fall. They are one of few vertically integrated mills of their kind in Europe and just happen to be located across the street from where the pants are sewn! 

Together we explored their fabric portfolio and landed on a beautiful canvas weave. It weighs in at 190gsm (compared to 240gsm for the pants fabric) and consists mainly of tough, Cordura grade polyamide fibers tightly woven together. This gives us great tear and abrasion resistance together with a lighter skinfeel. We haven't forgotten about stretch and while it's not the same 4-way stretch we still have a substantial 35%. It breathes and moves beautifully and as if that wasn't enough, we get the same dirt and red wine resistance as we had in the pants! 

We've taken them for a ride for the last weeks and assure you they stand the test of summer. Bike rides, 10km runs, morning swims and coffee stains, they can handle it all. The clean cut and fit makes them just as able to handle summer mingles and restaurant visits so they truly are the freedom enablers we wanted them to be.

Production update
We're set up with our production slot in July and fabric and accessories are arriving nicely. If everything goes according to plan we hope to deliver on our promise to have these sent out to you in mid/end July. We really want you to get your hands on them as soon as possible so trust that we work around the clock to deliver these to you!

The Shorts pre release update #3

Hello folks!

Hope you're enjoying this tropical summer, we're happy to announce that the shorts are on their way :).

Last week we went to visit the production to make sure we had everything in place and it was great to meet the skilled people behind the shorts. It’s been a long time coming and we’ve involved seven separate suppliers to get the right fabric, buttons, thread and drawcord so to see it all sewn together is a beautiful thing.

Now, the moment you have all been waiting for is near, we’re starting to ship as soon as we get them next week!

You have an important job since you'll will be the final judges if we’re ready to launch these or not. We’ll send out some questions by the end of August to hear what you think so we’re very grateful if you keep a test mindset on during this time :).